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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

CfP: 18th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB 2013)

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Call for Papers

18th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems

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Since 1995, the NLDB conference aims at bringing together researcher,industrials and potential users interested in various application of Natural Language in the Database and Information Systems field. The integration of databases and natural language has been an utopia for many years. However, progress has been made and this is now an established field thanks to developments in Natural Language and technologies that made the storage and manipulation of large electronic dictionaries possible. As Information Systems are now evolving into the communication area, the term databases should be considered in the broader sense of information and communication systems. The use of Natural Language in Software Engineering has contributed to both improving the development process from the viewpoints of developers (improve the process of conceptual modeling, validation, etc) and the usability of applications by users (natural language query interfaces, semantic webs, etc).

NLDB 2013 invites researchers from academia and industry to submit papers for oral or poster presentations on recent, unpublished research that ad-dresses theoretical aspects, algorithms, applications, architectures for applied and integrated NLP, resources for applied NLP, and other aspects of NLP, as well as review and discussion papers.

1. Topics of interest include but are not limited to

Applications of NLP in Information Systems: Multilingual Information Systems, NLP in Requirement Engineering, NLP in Knowledge Management, Semantic Data Integration and Data Cleaning

Social Media and Web Data: Corpus analysis, Language identification, Text normalization, Robust NLP for social media, Text classification, Information Extraction and Sentiment Analysis for social media

Semantic Web Open Linked Data: Ontology Learning and Alignment, Populating ontologies, Querying Ontologies and linked data, Semantic tagging and classification, Ontology-driven NLP

Question Answering (QA): NL interfaces to databases, QA using web data, multi-lingual QA, Non-factoid QA (how/why/opinion questions, lists), geographical QA, QA corpora and training sets

Natural language and Ubiquitous Computing: Pervasive Computing, Embedded, Robotic and Mobile Applications.

Natural Language in Conceptual Modeling: Analysis of Natural Language Descriptions, Terminological Ontologies, Consistency Checking, Metadata Creation and Harvesting, Ontology-driven Systems Integration, Ontology Management

NLP Applications: Business Intelligence, Subjectivity and Sentiment Analy-sis, QA systems, Event Detection, Named Entity and Event Detection, Information Extraction, Summarization, NLP for Data Mining, NLP for Data Ware-houses, Plagiarism detection, Identity detection.

2. Important Dates

Full paper submission: February 1, 2013
Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2013
Camera-ready papers: April 1, 2013


3. Conference Co-Chairs

Elisabeth Métais, CNAM, Paris, France
Farid Meziane, University of Salford, UK
Sunil Vadera, University of Salford, UK

4. Programme Committee Co-Chairs

Mohamed Saraee, University of Salford, UK
Vijay Sugumaran, Oakland University Rochester, USA

5. Programme Committee

Jacky Akoka, CNAM, France
Frederic Andres, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Johan Bos, Groningen University, The Netherlands
Goss Bouma, Groningen University, The Netherlands
Chris Bryant, University of Salford, UK
Philipp Cimiano, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau, ESSEC, France
Walter Daelemans, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Zhou Erqiang, University of Electronics and Technology, China
Stefan Evert, University of Osnabrück, Germany
Alexander Gelbukh, Mexican Academy of Science, Mexico
Jon Atle Gulla, NTNU, Norway
Karin Harbusch, Koblenz University, Germany
Dirk Heylen, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Helmut Horacek, Saarland University, Germany
Paul Johannesson, Stockholm University, Sweden
Epaminondas Kapetanios, University of Westminster, UK
John Kean, University of Manchester, UK
Zoubida Kedad, Université de Versailles, France
Mohamed Khayyambashi, University of Isfahan, Iran
Christian Kop, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Valia Kordoni, Saarland University, Germany
Leila Kosseim, Concordia University, Canada
Zornitsa Kozareva, University of Southern California, USA
Nadira Lammari, CNAM, France
Jochen Leidner, Thomson Reuters, USA
Piroska Lendvai, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Johannes Leveling, Dublin City University, Ireland
Deryle Lonsdale, Brigham Young Uinversity, USA
Rob Malouf, San Diego State University, USA
Farhi Marir, London Metropolitan University, UK
Heinrich C. Mayr, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Luisa Mich, University of Trento, Italy
Shamima Mithun, Concordia University, Canada
Marie-Francine Moens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Andres Montoyo, Universidad de Alicante
Rafael Muñoz, Universidad de Alicante
Guenter Neumann, DFKI, Germany
Jan Odijk, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Jim O’Shea, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Karim Ouazzane, London Metropolitan University, UK
Pit Pichappan, Al Imam University, Saudi Arabia
Lonneke van der Plas, Université de Genève, Switzerland
Mike Rosner, University of Malta, Malta
German Rigau, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Fabio Rinaldi, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Patrick Saint-Dizier, Université Paul Sabatier, France
Khaled Shaalan, The British University in Dubai, UAE
Max Silberztein, Université de Franche-Comté, France
Samira Si-Said Cherfi, CNAM, France
Veda Storey, Georgia State University, USA
Bernhard Thalheim, Kiel University, Germany
Michael Thelwall, University of Wolverhampton, UK
Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Wright State University, USA
Juan Carlos Trujillo, Universidad de Alicante, Spain
Christina Unger, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
Alfonso Urena, University of Jaén, Spain
Panos Vassiliadis, University of Ioannina, Greece
Robert Wagner, Linz University, Austria
René Witte, Concordia University, Canada
Magdalena Wolska, Saarland University, Germany
Bing Wu, Dublin Institute of Technology, Republic of Ireland
Jim Yip, University of Salford, UK