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Semantic Software Lab
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Montréal, Canada

Semantic Software Tools and Resources

Questions/Comments concerning the various project resources of the Semantic Software Lab.

Welcome to the Semantic Software forum

Welcome to the Semantic Software forum! Please post any questions or comments regarding our projects and the various published resources (Durm Wiki, German Lemmatizer, MuNPEx, Durm Corpus, etc.).

NFR Classifier Pipeline Installation problem

Hello, I'm trying to set up NFR Classifier Pipeline Installation in GATE Version 8 but when I enable Semantic Software Lab repository in "Ready to Install" tab I cannot find NFR Classifier there.There are other ones such as OpenTrace, MuNPEx etc though. What could cause the problem?

Thanks in advance,
Timur Abbasov.



I am facing problem working with the tool. I tried replacing the text in demo.txt and got the below error. Please advise on this.


at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextNode(Unknown Source)
at java.util.HashMap$ Source)
at gate.annotation.AnnotationSetImpl$
at gate.annotation.AnnotationSetImpl$
at mention_map_domain_nlp_relation.Domain_appearsIn_Sentence(file:/D:/Research/KM/Concept_Maps/Ontology/Software/gate-8.1-build5169-BIN/plugins/OwlExporter/gate/application-resources/grammars/mention_map_domain_nlp_relation.jape:37)
at gate.jape.RightHandSide.transduce(
at gate.jape.SinglePhaseTransducer.fireRule(
at gate.jape.SinglePhaseTransducer.transduce(

Needed Concordia RE corpus

I need Concordia RE corpus for my research work as a M.Tech. student.
Authors: Abderahman Rashwan, Olga Ormandjieva, Ren´e Witte from Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Concordia University, Montr'eal, Canada mentioned in their paper "Ontology-Based Classification of Non-Functional Requirements in Software Specifications:A new corpus and SVM-Based Classifier" that corpus will be made available at "" but as now i am not getting it here.
So, please provide a link from where i can get this corpus.

Prateek Singh

How to use Mutation Miner


I would like to use Mutation Miner but not from GUI. Am new to GATE and i am using GATE embedded so kindly i need to know what steps i need to take to get "Mutation Miner" to work and getting its annotations usind GATE embedded.


I have been working with Gate for a couple of years and really like your Semantic Assistants Architecture. I have only had limited success with the installations. I realize you built this at an earlier time, and some functionality might no longer be available. I could install my own server but would prefer to use your public one. Here are some questions:
1. The documentation refers to but I don't think that is currently working. For example, I can get the wsdl by putting in a browser, but cannot get it with the minion address. With the installed eclipse client I can get a list of 2 available services (Person and Location Extractor and Information Extractor) on the assistant server, but get server errors when I try to invoke either one or when I choose to run the gate service. Is there currently a working server url and port which will allow the invocation?

Can't load Durm in Gate

I tried to use the Durm German Lemmatizer like described here
but fail at registering the Durm PRs.
I tried to activate the semantic Software Labs repository as well as unpacking the distributions myself in the plugins directory but I still see no "Durm.." entry in the installed plugins.
When giving the directory path directly it Gate tells me the "creole.xml" is missing.
(Munpwx works btw)
Any help appreciated!
Regards and thanks,

OWL Exporter and document tracking feature

Hi there Semantic Software Lab friends.

Great work on the OWL Exporter which I'm currently trying as the final component of a GATE pipeline.

Now a question for you:

The feature that keeps track of which documents have been processed seems to work all the time irrespective of whether a Document annotation with a sourceUrl attribute is in the annotation list.

However, for testing and debugging purposes (especially when running the pipeline from within GATE Developer) sometimes it is useful to keep exporting instances from the same documents to the ontology.

So is there a way to disable the tracking feature?

Multiple relation


I'm having problem in dealing with the property name.
Here is the part of coding:

String propertyName = "hasPlantIn";

gate.FeatureMap features = Factory.newFeatureMap();

Instead of having one property, I'm insist to create a multiple propertyName for populating the ontology for my project and i have stuck here. Can you please help me out.

New instances populated in owlexporter

I'm a newbie here and in a way to understand owlexporter.
I want to ask, is it possible for Owlexporter to extract new instances that doesn't have in the gazetteer? Which by creating JAPE rules.
In which, i have a list of thing, and maybe there is a new thing from a sentences that should be added to the ontology as instances. Is it possible to write the rules in JAPE and implement it in Owlexporter?
Hope you can help me out.

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