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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

Running MutationFinder in GATE using the TaggerFramework PR

MutationFinder is a freely available resource for tagging mutations in biomedical texts. However, it cannot be directly integrated into a text mining pipeline when using the General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE) framework. Here, I show how to make it available to GATE users using the standard TaggerFramework component, which requires some text wrangling.

Early bird registration deadline extended for 3rd GATE training course!

2010-07-21 23:59

***Early bird registration has been extended until 21 July!***

The third GATE training course will take place at Concordia University
in Montréal, Canada, from August 30th to September 3rd 2010. This event
will follow the format of the earlier May 2010 course, but with the
addition of a new training track covering linked data and ontologies.

Further details on the material to be covered:

Registration, travel and accommodation:

NLDB 2010

Rene giving a talk at NLDB 2010 in Cardiff. We presented our work on Semantic Content Access using Domain-Independent NLP Ontologies.Rene@NLDB2010Rene@NLDB2010

New Javadoc Doclet for NLP Analysis on Java Source Code

For those interested in performing NLP on source code, in particular Javadoc comments, we just released a Doclet at the NLP Frameworks workshop last week.

Its main feature is that it creates an XML corpus from Java source code that is optimised for processing in an NLP Framework (GATE in our case, but it should work for any framework that takes XML as input).

ASWC 2008

I presented two papers at ASWC 2008 in Bangkok. One was my own: Ralf Krestel, Ling Chen -
"The Art of Tagging: Measuring the Quality of Tags" and the other was Rene's: Rene Witte, Thomas Gitzinger -
"Semantic Assistants – User-Centric Natural Language Processing Services for Desktop Clients". Attached a photo of myself explaining the future work for the semantic assistants :) Nice conference, nice people, nice country and - compared to Canada and Germany - very nice weather!
Presentation at ASWC 08Presentation at ASWC 08

Call for Papers: The Third International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing (SEMAPRO 2009)


SEMAPRO 2009: The Third International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing
October 11-16, 2009 - Sliema, Malta

General page:
Call for Papers:
Submission deadline: May 20, 2009

Multi-lingual Noun Phrase Extractor (MuNPEx)

The Multi-Lingual Noun Phrase Extractor (MuNPEx) is a fast, robust, customizable, and well-tested noun phrase (NP) chunker component developed for the GATE architecture, implemented in JAPE. It currently supports English, German, French, and Spanish (in beta). It provides detailed features for each NP annotation, with DET (determiner), MOD/MOD2 (pre/post-head modifiers), and HEAD noun slots, as well as (optional) text offset information.

MuNPEx requires a part-of-speech (POS) tagger to work and can additionally use detected named entities (NEs) to improve chunking performance. Please read the documentation (and source code) for more details.

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