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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

The Durm Corpus

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1. Overview

Scanned Page Fragment from Handbuch der Architetur
As part of the Durm project, we digitized a single volume from the historical German Handbuch der Architektur (Handbook on Architecture), namely:

E. Marx: Wände und Wandöffnungen (Walls and Wall Openings). In "Handbuch der Architektur", Part III, Volume 2, Number I, Second edition, Stuttgart, Germany, 1900.
Contains 506 pages with 956 figures.

The corpus developed in this project is made available under a free document license in several formats: scanned page images, Tustep format, and XML format. Additionally, an online version and tools for transforming the various formats are available as well.

2. Background Information

For details on the background of this project and the developed corpus, please have a look at the Durm project page and our LREC 2008 paper, A Semantic Wiki Approach to Cultural Heritage Data Management.

The following resources are currently available:

Scanned Page Images
The complete book was scanned at the Library of the University of Karlsruhe. For each page, a grayscale image in TIFF format with 600dpi resolution is available.
The page images were then transformed into a machine-readable format (see the LREC 2008 paper for details), namely TUSTEP. The complete book is available as a single file.
XML Format
As the TUSTEP format is rather cumbersome to use with contemporary NLP tools (again, read our LREC 2008 paper for details), we developed tools for transforming it into XML format. The tools allows different conversions; one of them (complete book in single file) is offered here for download as well, together with a DTD.
PDF Format
For printing or reading the book offline, we combined the scanned page images into a single (very large!) PDF file.

3. License

All of the different versions of the Durm corpus are distributed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.2 or any later version, as published by the Free Software Foundation.

4. Download

The following data files are currently available for download.

4.1. Scanned Page Images

The tar archive (gzipped) contains a single TIFF file for each physical book page. Note that the file numbers are sequentially ordered, but do not correspond to the physical page numbers:

4.2. TUSTEP Data

The complete book text in a single file, in TUSTEP markup:

Some further information on the TUSTEP markup is also available.

4.3. XML Data

For automated processing, we developed a conversion tool to transform the TUSTEP markup into XML (see the Durm Corpus Tools page for more information). The following file contains the complete text (with additional markup) in a single file:

Some further information on this XML format is available as well.

4.4. PDF Format

All scanned pages combined into a single PDF file:

5. Feedback

For questions, comments, etc., please use the Durm Forum.

6. Acknowledgments

Development of the Durm Corpus was funded by the German research foundation (DFG) under the title "Entstehungswissen" (LO296/18-1).