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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

Literature Management

SAVE-SD 2015 Publication: Supplementary Material

This page provides supplementary material for our publication in the SAVE-SD 2015 workshop on Semantics, Analytics, Visualisation: Enhancing Scholarly Data. We have published our populated knowledge base from the experiments described in the paper. In order to reproduce the results in the "Application" section, you can execute the queries by clicking on the link to the full page below.

Zeeva: A Collaborative Semantic Literature Management System

This overabundance of literature available in online repositories is an ongoing challenge for scientists that have to efficiently manage and analyze content for their information needs. Most of the existing literature management systems merely provide support for storing bibliographical metadata, tagging, and simple annotation capabilities. We go beyond these approaches by demonstrating how an innovative combination of semantic web technologies with natural language processing can mitigate the information overload by helping in curating and organizing scientific literature. Zeeva is our research prototype for demonstrating how we can turn existing papers into a queryable knowledge base.

Semantic Management of Scholarly Literature: A Wiki-based Approach

Sokolova, M., and P. van Beek (Eds.), Sateli, B., "Semantic Management of Scholarly Literature: A Wiki-based Approach", The 27th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Canadian AI 2014), vol. LNCS 8436, Montréal, Canada : Springer, pp. 387–392, 04/2014.
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