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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada


OpenTrace Showcased at the WCRE'12 Conference

Last week I introduced the very first release of the OpenTrace tool at this year's WCRE conference in the lovely city of Kingston, Ontario. This 4-day event was the 19th conference on reverse engineering and hosted talks from research and industry on the state-of-the art techniques for program comprehension of software systems.

Wiki-NLP Integration at the WikiSym'12 Conference

WikiSym is an international symposium on wikis and open collaborative techniques, mainly focused on wiki research and practice. Back in 2007, we coined the term "self-aware" wiki systems in our paper submitted to the WikiSym '07, fostering the idea that the integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques within wiki systems allows the wiki systems to read, understand, transform, and even write their own content, as well as supporting their users in information analysis and content development. Now after a few years, we have realized this idea through an open service-oriented architecture.

mycoMINE au 80ème congrès de l'Acfas

Le 80ème congrès annuel de l'Association francophone pour le savoir - Acfas a accueilli mycoMINE, notre système de fouille de texte sémantique dédié à la recherche de biocarburants de seconde génération. Nous avons présenté son intégration dans un wiki ainsi que dans un portail web personnalisé.

Text Mining Assistants in Wikis at Biocuration2012

Last week we presented our integration of Text Mining Assistants in Wikis at Biocuration2012, the Conference of the International Society for Biocuration.

DTMBIO2011 Talk

The slides from the talk given at DTMBIO2011 about "Semantic Text Mining for Lignocellulose Research" are now available here!

Integrating semantic support in curation, analysis and retrievalIntegrating semantic support in curation, analysis and retrieval

Semantic Assistants at IBM CASCON 2011

Last week I presented our Semantic Assistants Eclipse plug-in at the IBM Conference of Advances studies in Markham, Ontario. CASCON is a conference hosted by IBM's Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) in partnership with NSERC with the goal of showcasing various research projects in progress by individuals in academia, industry and the general public.

mycoMINE at DTMBIO/CIKM 2011 Glasgow

I presented our paper "Semantic Text Mining for Lignocellulose Research" at DTMBIO 2011 last week. Now, our mycoMINE system is officially born !

NLP Frameworks 2010 Workshop Proceedings now Online

The complete workshop proceedings are now available for download: online or local copy. You can also download the book of abstracts.

Running MutationFinder in GATE using the TaggerFramework PR

MutationFinder is a freely available resource for tagging mutations in biomedical texts. However, it cannot be directly integrated into a text mining pipeline when using the General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE) framework. Here, I show how to make it available to GATE users using the standard TaggerFramework component, which requires some text wrangling.

NLDB 2010

Rene giving a talk at NLDB 2010 in Cardiff. We presented our work on Semantic Content Access using Domain-Independent NLP Ontologies.Rene@NLDB2010Rene@NLDB2010

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