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How to use Mutation Miner

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I would like to use Mutation Miner but not from GUI. Am new to GATE and i am using GATE embedded so kindly i need to know what steps i need to take to get "Mutation Miner" to work and getting its annotations usind GATE embedded.

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Same as other GATE pipelines


It works the exact same way as with any other GATE pipeline, so you should probably review the GATE documentation and training material on GATE Embedded first:

  1. Load the .xgapp file you want to use into a CorpusController
    CorpusController ommApp = (CorpusController) PersistenceManager.loadObjectFromFile(new File(appName));
    (where appName is the filename of the .xgapp file you want to load)
  2. Assign a corpus to the controller:
  3. Add documents to the corpus, and process them with ommApp.execute()

Hope that helps,