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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

NFR Classifier Pipeline Installation problem

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Hello, I'm trying to set up NFR Classifier Pipeline Installation in GATE Version 8 but when I enable Semantic Software Lab repository in "Ready to Install" tab I cannot find NFR Classifier there.There are other ones such as OpenTrace, MuNPEx etc though. What could cause the problem?

Thanks in advance,
Timur Abbasov.

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Currently only available as archive

Hi Timur,

Not all our pipelines are available as pre-packaged applications through the update site. The NFR Classifier is currently only available for manual installation, by downloading the archive from this page:

Best, René

Hello René, Thanks for the

Hello René,

Thanks for the reply. I've figured out how to get NFR Classifier to work. Now, I've faced a problem with "safe.processing" stage. When I import a .txt file, make XML out of it
and run the application it greys out "safe.processing" for some reason. "Token", "SpaceToken", "Split" is possible to toggle but "Sentence" is not even there. Do I need to put some values for the annotations or anything in general when I form XML out of .txt? Could not find any info on this in the Guide. Also, is there is any way to view the actual source code? Would love to discover SVM algorithm. I know that GATE itself opens in Eclipse without any problems so is there anything to do with it? Thanks.

Best, Timur.