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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada


Information for Students

1. Courses

We currently offer the following courses for students:

Additionally, the CSE department offers a number of related graduate courses on Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Systems, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Retrieval, which provides Concordia students a unique opportunity to obtain a comprehensive education in semantic sciences.

2. Research Positions

All open positions (undergraduate research assistants, MSc/PhD research, post-doctoral) are announced on our jobs page.

Semantic Computing Course

The Semantic Computing course (SOEN 6211) is offered at Concordia University, providing graduate students with a unique opportunity to study research and development of novel semantic software systems. The course is taught by Prof. René Witte and supported by team members from the Semantic Software Lab. Students from other universities in Québec can register for this course through CREPUQ.

This course provide an introduction to selected topics from Semantic Computing, including text mining, tagging and tag analysis, recommender systems, RDF and linked data, semantic desktops and semantic wikis.

New Semantic Computing course at Concordia University

In the next Winter Term (2010/11) I will offer, for the first time, a graduate-level research course on Semantic Computing (SOEN 691B) at the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. This course will provide an introduction to selected topics from Semantic Computing.

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