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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

MultiPaX Enhancement

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Hi all!
I just noticed the lack, in MultiPaX annotations, of a feature indicating if the sentence is passive or active. I re-annoted the PASs with just the lemmas (may they also be added to the annotations?) and found some sentences like "ILABS manages WP8 (Content production and management), aiming to generate and handle original and new content produced with AXWF starting from the content owned by partners....".
This was annoted as sub=content, verb=produce, obj=AXWF with Minipar+MultiPaX (with lemmatized-by-me verb). The fact is, if I lack the "passive" state of the sentence, I can wrongly understand that content produces AXWF instead of the inverse; if possibile, a feature indicating if the sentence (the verb) is passive would be much appreciated :)
Good night!