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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

Publications from the Semantic Software Lab

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Baker, C. J. O., A. Shaban-Nejad, R. Witte, V. Haarslev, and G. Butler, "Empowering the Enzyme Biotechnologist with Ontologies", 10th International Congress on Biotechnology in the Pulp and Paper Industry (ICBPPI 2007), Monona Terrace, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, June 10–14, 2007. Abstract  Download: ICBPPI2007-poster.png (570.97 KB)
Rilling, J., Y. Zhang, W. J. Meng, R. Witte, V. Haarslev, and P. Charland, "A Unified Ontology-Based Process Model for Software Maintenance and Comprehension", Models in Software Engineering: Workshops and Symposia at MoDELS 2006, Genoa, Italy, October 1-6, 2006, Reports and Revised Selected Papers, vol. 4364, Genoa, Italy : Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, pp. 56–65, 2007. Abstract  Download: Rilling_etal-MoDELS2006.pdf (253.17 KB)
Zhang, Y., R. Witte, J. Rilling, and V. Haarslev, "Ontology-based Program Comprehension Tool Supporting Website Architectural Evolution", Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Web Site Evolution (WSE 2006), Philadelphia, PA, USA : IEEE, pp. 41–49, September 23–24, 2006. Abstract  Download: Zhang_etal-WSE2006.pdf (307.26 KB)
Zhang, Y., R. Witte, J. Rilling, and V. Haarslev, "An Ontology-based Approach for the Recovery of Traceability Links", 3rd International Workshop on Metamodels, Schemas, Grammars, and Ontologies for Reverse Engineering (ATEM 2006), Genoa, Italy, October 1st, 2006. Abstract  Download: Zhang_etal-ATEM2006.pdf (375 KB)
Baker, C. J. O., R. Witte, A. Shaban-Nejad, G. Butler, and V. Haarslev, "The FungalWeb Ontology: Application Scenarios", Eighth Annual Bio-Ontologies Meeting, Detroit, Michigan, USA, pp. 1–2, June 24, 2005. Abstract  Download: Baker-etal-8th-Bio-Ontologies-Abstract.pdf (30.2 KB)