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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

Semantic Software Engineering

Semantic Technologies applied to Software Engineering

Automatic Detection of Non-Testable NFRs in Software Requirements Specifications

The main goal of the project is to provide provide quality assurance assessment of NFR non-testability using an automated system.

OpenTrace: a Workbench for Automatic Software Traceability Link Generation and Evaluation

The OpenTrace workbench provides for automatic traceability link recovery between various types of textual artifacts of a software project. It includes a collection of customizable GATE pipelines and configurable components that allow to generate, evaluate and visualize traceability information. OpenTrace facilitates reproducibility, as it provides out-of-the-box traceability; as well as support for all-in-one packaging of tools, datasets, and configurations ready for remote distribution, download, and installation.

ReqWiki: A Semantic System for Collaborative Software Requirements Engineering

ReqWiki is a novel open source web-based approach for software requirements engineering. It is based on a semantic wiki that includes natural language processing (NLP) assistants, which work collaboratively with humans on the requirements specification documents. It is the first Requirements Engineering tool that combines wiki technology for collaborative use and semantic knowledge representation for formal queries and reasoning with natural language processing assistants within a single, cohesive interface.

Semantic Assistants: Eclipse Plug-In

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Software Engineering: Our Eclipse plug-in integrates the Eclipse development environment into the Semantic Assistants architecture. It provides a user interface for offering various Natural Language Processing services to users. In particular, when using Eclipse as a software development environment, you can now offer novel semantic analysis services, such as named entity detection or quality analysis of source code comments, to software developers.

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