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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

Can't load Durm in Gate

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I tried to use the Durm German Lemmatizer like described here
but fail at registering the Durm PRs.
I tried to activate the semantic Software Labs repository as well as unpacking the distributions myself in the plugins directory but I still see no "Durm.." entry in the installed plugins.
When giving the directory path directly it Gate tells me the "creole.xml" is missing.
(Munpwx works btw)
Any help appreciated!
Regards and thanks,

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Needs update for recent GATE versions

Hi Felix,

The current Durm Lemmatizer was built for a much older version of GATE and is not using our update site. We didn't have any projects involving German texts in recent years, so it was simply not updated for current GATE versions.

I'm afraid loading it into a current GATE version requires a re-compilation of the individual lemmatizer components, with some minor source code changes for the current API. If you are familiar with GATE Embedded it's quite easy to do. Otherwise, I'll try to have a look this month and see if we can upload a re-compiled version compatible with GATE 8.1+.

Best, René

Re Needs update for recent GATE versions

Thanks René
I'm afraid I'm not much of a Gate developer so I'd rather wait, it's not in such a hurry.