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Installation/Example help needed.

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I've download the code, and have been trying to work through the examples. After a fair bit of difficulty getting the right version of dependencies and paths setup correctly, I believe I have everything built and running.

I seem to have another path issue though. When working through the command line example in the manual:

  1. ./ invoke "\"Person and Location Extractor\"" \
  2. "docs="

I get the following error on the server:

  1. ---------------- Next application: /home/ryan/Repository/durm/Applications/SemanticAssistents/gate/Annie
  2.      [geshifilter-java] [Jan 19, 2010] Error: Service application file "/home/ryan/Repository/durm/Applications/SemanticAssistents/gate/Annie" does not seem to exist.

Notice the incorrect spelling of SemanticAssistents. I tracked this down to the owl files in the Server directory of the code: 
 What should they point too? Is there any possibility of getting a list of what files should be where? Thanks! This looks like a very useful tool we'd like to experiment with if we can get the path issues worked out. -Ryan[/geshifilter-java]

In annie.owl as you correctly

In annie.owl as you correctly pointed there is a path:

It should be changed to where your Gate Pipelines are located: SemanticAssistants-beta2/Resources/GatePipelines/Annie.gapp

There you need to create an annie pipeline, as described in the README and user documentation.

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Re: Installation/Example help needed

Hi Ryan,

We changed the directory structure between beta1 and beta2, it's possible we missed some paths. We're looking into it.

In general, all resources (OWL service descriptions, GATE pipelines, etc.) are now under SemanticAssistants/Resources. By default, the server searches for OWL service descriptions in Resources/OwlServiceDescriptions and the GATE pipelines for the example services need to be stored in Resources/GatePipelines. Did you create the Annie.gapp file as explained in the user's guide?