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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

MultiPaX and RASP wrapper script?

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MultiPAX seems to assume the existence of some wrapper around RASP that accepts the string to be parsed as command line arguments.

It seems like a simple shell script of the form echo $* | ${RASP_DIR}/scripts/ does the job, but this does not appear to be distributed as part of MultiPaX or RASP for the matter. Is that normal?

Also, I get the impression that RASP is being called once per sentence, which seems to be expensive given that RASP takes a long time to start up. Is there not any way to run it by feeding the whole text at the time?


Rasp wrapper script

The wrapper we use within MultiPax for rasp-3 is more like a temporary solution until a real wrapper is developed. That is also the reason for it's slow speed. As you pointed out, processing the whole text instead of each sentence would be much faster...

In the next release we will include the rasp-3 start script we are using. It is simply calling rasp:

echo $1 | ${RASP_DIR}/scripts/ -p'-og';
exit 1