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OrganismTagger in GATE Embedded

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Hi all,

I am newbie in both OrganismTagger and GATE in general. I am trying to understand how I could use OrganismTagger through GATE API. I would be really grateful for any tips/help.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

rene's picture

Same as for other pipelines

Hi John,

You'd use it like any other GATE pipeline; after installing OrganismTagger, you have the OrganismTagger.xgapp file (in OrganismTagger/gate), which you can load within a GATE Embedded program, similar to this:

  1. CorpusController otApp = (CorpusController) PersistenceManager.loadObjectFromFile(new File(appName));

(where appName has the path to OrganismTagger.xgapp file). Then you set the corpus containing the documents you want to process and execute the pipeline:
  1. otApp.setCorpus(myCorpus);
  2. otApp.execute();

I recommend you go through the GATE training material if you don't have any previous experience with GATE; Track 2 is on GATE Embedded, where you'll learn how to work with the API. If you can, try to attend one of the training courses, they are really helpful (next one is in June in Sheffield!).

Cheers, René