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Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

OWLExporter 3.1 : PopulatorException: The OwlExporter has already processed entites from corpus

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seems that i am magically attracted to problems these days.

I am currently fighting with the Exception mentioned in the subject which turns out to be quite relentless.

  1. OWLExporter info.semanticsoftware.owlexporter.exception.PopulatorException: The OwlExporter has already processed entites from corpus: Test_txt. Please select another corpus to process or remove the existing output ontology.

Thats what i tried to get rid of it:

deleted all output ontologies, changed the output paths and file names, renamed the document, changed document content slightly, restarted GATE, reinitialized the application by reassembling it based on a fresh Demo App, even rebooted the entire machine but the Exception remains.

I suppose it is about the actual entities which seem to be somehow cached somewhere.

I have another test text which is processed without problems multiple times without deleting anything.

Any suggestions?


Never mind, I found out what

Never mind, I found out what the problem was. I was experimenting with a JAPE rule that temporarily produced several annotations with the same instanceName.

That caused the exception. The other test text didn't have any content to match that specific rule.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Still learning ;) .