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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

Tools & Resources

OpenTrace: an Open Source Workbench for Automatic Software Traceability Link Recovery

Angius, E., and R. Witte, "OpenTrace: an Open Source Workbench for Automatic Software Traceability Link Recovery", 19th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE 2012), Kingston, Ontario, Canada : IEEE Computer Society, pp. 507–508, October 15-18, 2012.

{Task-Dependent Visualization of Coreference Resolution Results}

Witte, R., and T. Tang, "{Task-Dependent Visualization of Coreference Resolution Results}", International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP 2007), Borovets, Bulgaria, September 27–29, 2007.

New Javadoc Doclet for NLP Analysis on Java Source Code

For those interested in performing NLP on source code, in particular Javadoc comments, we just released a Doclet at the NLP Frameworks workshop last week.

Its main feature is that it creates an XML corpus from Java source code that is optimised for processing in an NLP Framework (GATE in our case, but it should work for any framework that takes XML as input).

The Durm Corpus

As part of the Durm project, we digitized a single volume from the historical German Handbuch der Architektur (Handbook on Architecture), namely:

Scanned Page Fragment from Handbuch der Architetur
E. Marx: Wände und Wandöffnungen (Walls and Wall Openings). In "Handbuch der Architektur", Part III, Volume 2, Number I, Second edition, Stuttgart, Germany, 1900.
Contains 506 pages with 956 figures.

The corpus developed in this project is made available under a free document license in several formats: scanned page images, Tustep format, and XML format. Additionally, an online version and tools for transforming the various formats are available as well.

Tools & Resources

Our lab published a number of free/open source tools, components, frameworks, and resources for NLP and Semantic Computing.

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