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Semantic Software Lab
Concordia University
Montréal, Canada

Durm TUSTEP Markup

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Tustep in general is documented at Here, we only provide an informal overview for users of the TUSTEP version of our Durm Corpus.

Generally, TUSTEP contains markup enclosed XML-like in <>, which is closed by a corresponding </> (just like in XML).

1. Font


Start italic


End italic


Start small caps


End small caps


Begin emphasis by larger spacing


End emphasis by larger spacing


Font size. A is normal, +n
larger (e.g. headings), -n smaller (e.g. footnotes).

2. Special characters


(French opening quotes)


(French closing quotes)


-- (hyphen)




German "ß"

3. Layout


Horizontal line. Sometimes with, sometimes without line number.


at the beginning of a line: No "standard" line, i.e., a heading, horizontal separator etc.


Indentation. Unlike the <A> for font size, <E> is already the first indentation level.




is at the start of the first centered line, i.e. the line containing the <Z>.


is at the start of each further centered line, in case there is more than one.


Side note on the right


Side note on the left

In case of line breaks in side notes, the first line of the note is enclosed in ||.

4. Sub- and superscript


Begin superscript


Begin subscript


Text on base line again

Typical for footnotes: #H:1#G:) is 1)

5. Logical structure


Start of page n. Sometimes also written as <SEn>.


Paragraph, like in HTML


Continuation of a paragraph on the next page