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Accessing MultiPaX features through JAPE

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How can I extract the features of MultiPaX annotations? This JAPE code for extracting the subject feature doesn't seem to work.

Rule: Extract_MultiPaX_Features
{MultiPaX.sub =~ ".*"}
:label.MultPaX_Annotation = {rule = "Extract_MultiPaX_Features"}

Also, what JAPE code can I use to put the sentence which MultiPaX has parsed, as a feature inside an annotation? The annotation "Sentence" always has a value: {}

Also, I have been able to use the "antecedent" example code, to place the pronominal referent of a Person or Organization as a feature inside these annotations, but is there an easy way to transfer them to the MultiPaX annotation?

As you can see, I'm new to JAPE and java, I would appreciate any help.. thanks.


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same as for other GATE annotations

There's nothing special about MultiPAX annotations with respect to JAPE. I suggest you have a look at the JAPE slides from the latest GATE Training Course (Track 1, Module 3): and the GATE Wiki JAPE Tips:

In your code, it's not really clear what you try to match on the LHS of the rule: Is your goal to match only specific subjects? Otherwise, why not simply match all MultiPAX annotations? And what do you want to do with the extracted subjects -- create new annotations?