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What value to use for corefChainList for OwlExporter

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Hi all,

I am trying to run OwlExporter over an article from Wikipedia to get the RDF/XML generated for the text. I am following the steps as mentioned in the OwlExporter documentation.

In Chapter 3, section 3.0.2, the steps for adding the OwlExporter to the ANNIE pipeline are mentioned. However, it is not mentioned what value to use for corefChainList which happens to be mandatory.

Please guide me how to get this corefChainList value when I am using unstructured text where the Id values would not be known for me before-hand.


Hello Arun, To export coref

Hello Arun,

To export coref chains using the OwlExporter you would need the IPD Coreferencer which is not made public at the present moment. You can simply put a null value for the corefChainList variable.