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Learn OwlExporter

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I'm a beginner in learning OwlExporter. I just downloaded this software for my research project. I do not know how to start using this software.

May I know how to import the existing ontology into OwlExporter?

And also how to populate it?

I really appreciate if you can explain more detail on all the steps above.

Many thanks.

Export and populate the ontology

Thank you for your reply.

I already read the OwlExporter manual. But do not know how to start because the document do not show specifically on how to do that.

1) Currently I have one complete ontology. Now it is time for me to export it to OwlExporter. Can I just copy the existing ontology into gate/application-resources/ontologies folder? As you know, in this folder have domain.owl. Do I need to replace the domain.owl with the existing ontology?

2) In one of the last forum, you mentioned that for population can use JAPE rules to create the mapping between user annotation and the domain/nlp ontology. So, can you please tell me how to do that(the steps). In GATE, it seems like I cannot change the existing file. I really appreciate if you can give some ideas to do my research project.

Thanks a lot.


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Re: Export and populate the ontology


The domain ontology you want to populate is specified with the run-time parameter "importDomainOntology" of the OwlExporter PR. The result (populated domain ontology) is written to the file specified in "exportDomainOntology"; these parameters are documented in the OwlExporter manual, Chapter 3.1.

For the second question, I'm not sure where exactly you have difficulties: Are you familiar with GATE and JAPE in general? You can look at the JAPE rules in the example pipeline (explained in detail in Chapter 2 in the OwlExporter manual) and adapt them for your own domain.

Cheers, René

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OwlExporter Manual + Example Pipeline


Did you already read the OwlExporter manual, in particular the first two chapters (Introduction and Example Pipeline)? Also, did you run the example pipeline that comes with the OwlExporter download? This should address all the questions that you mentioned.

Best, René