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Montréal, Canada

OrganismTagger loading and kim.trusted.entities.cache

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Hi all,

every time I load Organismtagger in GATE, I get the following

Loading of trusted entities from /home/gate_developer_7.0/plugins/OrganismTagger/gate/application-resources/fullNames/kim.trusted.entities.cache
Loading from /home/gate_developer_7.0/plugins/OrganismTagger/gate/application-resources/fullNames/kim.trusted.entities.cache failed. Continue with loading from Semantic Repository. gnu.trove.TIntHash; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 5276941817867345703, local class serialVersionUID = 5027933992067738953

Is it comparing local version with some remote one? Is it somehow possible the local version to be updated so that I don't get this message every time?

Many thanks for your help.


rene's picture

Probably a LKB version difference

Hi Ioannis,

I believe you get that warning because the version of the "LKB Gazetteer PR" we used when packaging the pipeline is different (slightly newer) than the version you have in stock GATE7.0 when running it.

If it runs fine apart from the warning, I suggest you wait until we have next version ready. This will run on GATE 7.1, which has a completely new classloading architecture, where this problem shouldn't occur anymore. We've had to push back the new release due to some other deadlines, but it should be out within the next 4 weeks or so.

You can fix it yourself if you are familiar with GATE Developer, by manually loading the OT pipeline, replacing the LKB Gazetteer with a new version instantiated from your local installation (using the same parameters as ours), replacing the original one, and saving the pipeline again. This modified version should load without the error.

Best, René