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New instances populated in owlexporter

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I'm a newbie here and in a way to understand owlexporter.
I want to ask, is it possible for Owlexporter to extract new instances that doesn't have in the gazetteer? Which by creating JAPE rules.
In which, i have a list of thing, and maybe there is a new thing from a sentences that should be added to the ontology as instances. Is it possible to write the rules in JAPE and implement it in Owlexporter?
Hope you can help me out.

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Detecting vs. Exporting


The OwlExporter itself does not detect any entities.

Finding (domain-specific) entities (and their relations) is the job of your pipeline, using any of the available methods (gazetteers, JAPE rules, machine learning, etc.). At the end, the OwlExporter only exports the detected entities into the specified ontology.

Best, René

Oh now i clear about

Oh now i clear about owlexporter. Thanks René.